Underground Power Development is a specialist engineering company established in 1996 to meet developers’ needs by providing power infrastructure planning solutions, and design of underground power schemes for interconnection into Western Power’s/ Horizon Power’s Network.
The team at UPD has evolved from within the power industry with a staff of sixteen, who work actively to coordinate and facilitate the successful implementation of underground power in all aspects of commercial and residential subdivisions.

This company has completed a significant portion of the design of the retrospective under-grounding throughout Western Australia. We have a tight rapport with the staff at Western Power/Horizon Power with regard to discussions achieving the desired result for the Local Government Authority while still implementing the design principles required by Western Power/Horizon Power.

Street lighting has in recent times become a major concern for Local councils and Developers. UPD have taken this as a challenge to solve the lighting problems by achieving a balance between Australian Standards and economic constraints. As one of the first companies to implement Western Powers new decorative streetlights into subdivisions, the staff at UPD has an extensive knowledge of the lights and operating parameters.

UPD expanded its capability to include communications pit and pipe design services in response to the changing needs of our customers. This service also includes the inspection of the communications installation. All design and inspection of communications services is completed in accordance with NBN Co’s New Developments: Deployment of the NBN Co Conduit and Pit Network Guidelines for Developers.

UPD also operate as Liaison Officers for inspection of installation of electrical services, in accordance with Western Power’s Underground Distribution Schemes Manual.